Newburgh Was The Right Place For Me, Newburgh Theological Seminary, Newburgh, Indiana

Newburgh Theological Seminary is an answer to prayer.

Imagine being over forty and extremely busy with work, family and trying to stay financially afloat. In the middle of all of this God extends a call to preach. How is this possible? Where do I preach? How do I prepare? I can’t afford it. I can’t move 500 miles away.

The answer: Newburgh Theological Seminary, Newburgh, Indiana. Newburgh provides a program that you can complete at home and that is affordable.

Newburgh is a Christ-centered program. Missions, Evangelism and Church Growth is one of the very popular programs of the school. Biblical studies, Theology
Christian counseling and Apologetics are very popular.

My education experience with Newburgh was very positive.
I was called to pastor a small church during my training and since graduation I have been called to serve a larger church.

Great opportunity!  Relevant books and a progressive Christ-centered program
Affordable and realistic program.

Visit their website at 1 812 858 3920!

Newburgh has grown to over 5000 ministry training students!

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