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Visit to learn more about Christian counseling degree opportunities. ,

Thousands of people seek Christian counseling.

Newburgh Theological Seminary is a Christian ministry school.

Call 1 812 858 3920 to learn more! Speak to an adviser today!

Start Here  – Change The World for Christ!

Doctoral Programs

Newburgh Theological Seminary offers Doctoral degree in in Christian counseling, specializing in Addiction counseling. Students may also study Christian Counseling specializing in Life Coaching. 3500 students from around the world study theology, church growth, preaching, missions, Pastoral Leadeship and more. visit. Call 1 812 858 3920 for more information Great opportunity. Earn your degree at your pace!

Call today 1 812 858 3920

Monday – Friday 8:30 – 4:30 CST

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